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Samurai Porterhouse steak
mashed Asian taro and asparagus
Ginger lobster tail
Served w shrimp fried rice, scallions, and garlic butter sauce
Tapiniachi fillet mignon
Ginger garlic smashed potatoes, baby corn, water chestnut, snow peas stir fry, tapiniachi sauce
Bai wei sea bass
Brown rice, bamboo shoots, carrots, string beans, black bean sauce
Soft shell crab with Asian slaw
Szechuan straw potatoes, Asian slaw and garlic butter sauce
Shanghai Salmon
Fresh grilled wild Sockeye salmon fillet drizzled w. signature X.O sauce
Served with Shanghai lo Mein and steamed sesame broccoli,
Honey walnut Shrimp tempura
Brown Rice, stir fried peppers and pineapples, coconut honey sauce
Kung Pao scallops
Sticky rice, Fried sweet & tender Japanese Hokkaido jumbo sea scallop sautéed with red &green pepper, drizzled w. chili oil

Peking duck
Boneless duck served over steamed organic vegetables medley w. the plum sauce and steamed rice
Bulgogi bbq beef
Thinly sliced marinated fillet mignon sautéed w. carrots, white, green onion and red & green
Peppers, served w. side of romaine leaves and saffron rice pilaf


Sizzling fillet mignon
Sliced fillet mignon, white, green onion, black, red & green pepper sautéed w. X.O brown sauce on the hot plate
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